EDIT: Sorry guys! Due to a lack of funding and some actor issues, we’re having to cut this project off. We’re going to work on it sometime in the future, maybe as a ‘normal’ web series instead of this ambitious monster. Pitch it to an actual production studio or something after we’ve done other small projects to build up some sort of reputation, have some pull.

Thanks for all the fun, all of you! Love all of you.
-Shoe On a Wall Creations.

The story…

In 2009, the Pattern Psychiatric Hospital burned down. Twenty-one children escaped and went into hiding.

Four years later, 2013. Some of the children, now young adults, are coming out of hiding to rise up against the Pattern by setting more fires. Others are simply trying to raise awareness that the Pattern isn’t as innocent as it seems. Still others are just in hiding, praying the Pattern doesn’t sniff them out. The Pattern staff swear that nothing wrong is going on within their walls. But what is the Pattern really doing, if anything? What secrets is each character hiding, what secrets do they share? Who is Mr. Felt? What is ‘The Approach’? This is a story of factions- pick a side (or two) and help shape the outcome.

…and you!

This is a story with very little of the plot set in stone. There are milestones to hit, but each character, each faction, is directly shaped by you and your interactions. Work with or against other players, try to convince a character to switch sides, even become written into the plot as a character in your own way. The choices are entirely up to you.

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